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About Us

Ambiance Arabians is a premier boarding and training facility dedicated to giving excellent care and detailed attention to each horse and client. Located in Swartz Creek, MI, Ambiance Arabians is dedicated to producing the highest level of athletic and competitive horses in both the sport horse and main ring disciplines.

Head trainer and riding instructor, Jennifer Henderson has a keen understanding of biomechanics and uses this knowledge as an integral part in her instruction and training program. Keeping the number of training horses and students at a manageable level is another key to Ambiance’s success. The belief in quality over quantity in a principle that this farm has carried through the last 20 years of business. At maximum, the management team at Ambiance Arabians caters to up to 22 horses, which assures customized care and training.

Like many small businesses during the pandemic, Ambiance Arabians went through a transitional period during 2020. Where many would have struggled or even given up all together during the uncertain times our world and economy faced, Jennifer used this time as a period of refocus and redirection. After moving the farm location to a new beautiful facility in 2018 and growing to expand into Stallion handling and breeding, Jennifer was ready to shift her focus back to her original purpose for the business. As 2021 brought back a sense of familiarity and “normal”, Ambiance Arabians shifted gears back towards the goal of being an amateur friendly/ family welcoming barn that produces safe, quality Arabian and Half Arabian show horses in both sport horse and main ring.

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